What steps should a person follow to combat addiction?

Q: What steps or processes should a person following in order to combat addiction?

A: There is no way to “combat”… There are a 1000 ways to learn to live with it.
There are as many routes out of addiction as there are people with an addiction (even tho a lot of people will tell you that there is only one road -theirs-)…

To be 100% clear: you can not combat something within yourself… Who should be the winner if you battle your self? Should your I be the winner? That would mean that your self  is the looser!…

How can you help yourself to grow and to learn to live with this chronic disease in order to make it as unimportant in your life as possible (not by ignoring is but by making it important to do the things that ultimately make it unimportant). And you can learn from your dependence in order to grow and gain quality of life (even tho it may feel kinda rough sometimes)

The steps, you ask? That is on you (and the ones you love)…
For in my opinion, there are as many routes out of addiction as there are people with an addiction (even tho a lot of people will tell you that there is only one road -theirs-)…

Things we tend to talk about in Integrative Addiction Management:

Are you willing to integrate your addiction?

Learning to understand when and how your biological addiction ‘wants to be fed’, what are the (accumulated!) risk factors in your life. And to give it the necessary clarity in the moment of craving.

Do you need meds (and do you take ’em regularly IF you really need them to cope with your life -if you search for happiness via chemical routes, I’d advise to look elsewhere)?

Are you willing to learn from every(!) slip up?

Do you have a social network that understands you and that understand your addiction and is advised by you to take the steps necessary?

And about your dependence (NOT being your addiction):

Why do you want to use and are you willing to look for alternatives OR acceptation for each of these reasons?
Are you willing to find creative solutions?

Are you willing to look at the possible ‘heavy’ life experiences in the past that helped make your dope so appealing to you?

Are you willing to have a look at your future and foster the self-love to do the things that will create a future that is interesting enough to live toward to…

Are you willing to be helped…

Wishing you all the best and let me know if I can do things.




Auteur: HansWest

Sinds ruim een kwart eeuw werkzaam als therapeut / supervisor. Gespecialiseerd in behandeling van controleverlies door verslavingen. Ik ben niet bezig met veroordeling van taboes. Ieder maakt de keuzes zoals hij/zij wil. Het draait erom dat we samen die keuzes zo maken dat je een gelukkig mens bent. Het is aan mij om daar helder en praktisch uitleg over te geven en je te helpen bij het zetten van stappen, het is aan jou om de stappen te zetten. Samenwerking staat voorop.

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