Integrative Addiction Coaching is based on the Integrative Theories of prf. dr. Hillarion Petzold from the Europäische Akademie für bio-psycho-soziale Gesundheit / Fritz-Perls-Institut*. It takes the latest theories about the plasticity of the (human) brain serious without taking that into a fairy tale. It’s a down-to-earth way of working, for the field of addiction seriously needs some reality-checks.

This site aims to be a source of inspiration and information for addiction coaches, helping their clients with their personal integrative addiction management.
It does not pretend to be a professional education (yet), it helps coaches to organise their possibilities and knowledge.

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“Addiction” in its widest sense of the word is a chronic disease with biological, emotional/relational, cognitive, social -and for some even spiritual- consequences. Some can be cured, some can be dealt with but addiction can not be segregated (in the long run) but need to be integrated.

-a work in progress- in English and Dutch
(doe mee als je ideeën hebt)

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